I am currently a master's student in Higher Education at Elon University. I have a unique blend of skills from non-profit, government, summer camp, and corporate experiences that I am eager to apply to an innovative higher education institution. I am particularly interested in coaching and advising students in arts, sports, media, or international programs. 
I believe experiential learning outside of the classroom is as vital as traditional academic instruction. My goal is to build meaningful relationships with others who have exciting, diverse stories to tell. I use the skills from my previous career as a user experience designer and front end developer to make my work more engaging and human-centered.
This portfolio is a collection of work from my design career and graduate school journey, including coursework and projects from my apprenticeship with the Elon Center for Design Thinking. As a graduate apprentice, I lead and mentor 20 student employees, fostering their understanding and application of the design thinking process. Assignments from my coursework in research, student development, and student engagement are also included. Check back soon for more examples of my continuing education.
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