Dr. Bryan Garner of RTI International is leading an effort to develop training materials for HIV/AIDS organizations to offer substance use disorder treatment to their clients. In order to gauge what substance use disorders are most threatening and which treatments are most needed, Dr. Garner chose the Real-Time Delphi survey methodology to gather consensus opinions.
I was brought into the project about 6 weeks before the first round of the survey went live. I modernized the existing PHP application interface as much as possible, then monitored the data collection during the open survey window.
After the first round was complete, I began designing a new React application to be used in the second and third rounds. Material Design and Material-UI helped me present a large amount of information in an organized manner so our respondents had the appropriate background knowledge for each question. I designed the user experience and interface, built the responsive web application, then worked with RTI International's Global Technology Services department to deploy the application and database on Azure.
Infographics and videos made by RTI International's Multimedia Creative Services department.
Other work with this team: Wordpress site to communicate STS4HIV study information and findings, Wordpress plugin to distribute study participation codes, React application to help coaches track trainee progress.
Diagram of MVP features for each phase of the study.
Before - original PHP application with content in full-width tables.
After - 6-week redesign for 1st round of survey.
New application - home page with intro video and welcome text.
Question page with infographic column and independently scrolling question column.
Modal for viewing comments, which can be sorted by recency or answer value.
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