This task involved writing a briefing memo addressing an issue of my choosing that affected my apprenticeship at Elon University's Center for Design Thinking. The memo targeted my apprenticeship supervisor, Dr. Danielle Lake, focusing on research-informed practices to support our student employees. Our students play a vital role in presenting design thinking workshops and conducting meaningful research. We design each student's role to enhance their professional growth and ensure their academic commitments are accommodated.
The memo outlines the function of the Center for Design Thinking, emphasizing its role in serving students and providing meaningful employment. Issues such as limited supervision, over-commitment of students, and the need for holistic support were highlighted. The memo incorporates a thorough literature review, citing sources that discuss the impact of on-campus employment on student learning, well-being, and academic motivation. Suggestions included flexible scheduling, integrating reflection and feedback practices, and skill development. Each recommendation was substantiated with relevant academic sources.
Working on this memo allowed me to practice research and citation skills, including writing an annotated bibliography and literature review. I chose to research student employment as an opportunity to relate my coursework to direct interactions with students. We have since implemented several of the recommendations contained in my memo and I have been able to assess the efficacy of my research.
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