The Center for Engaged Learning at Elon University features resource guides for many types of engaged learning practices. As a group project in my class about high-impact practices, we were tasked with creating a new resource page about study away programs. We created an annotated bibliography with 20 sources and used the findings of our research to succinctly explain a complex topic. Sections include a definition, what makes it a high-impact practice, research-informed practices, and model programs.
I completed the definition and model programs sections. It was difficult to sift through the different terms that people use to describe global education. I focused on the travel experiences that most people associate with study abroad, but incorporated domestic programs that have recently gained recognition.
I am interested in working internationally or with a global education center in the future. My mom grew up with military parents and valued her travel experiences so much that she made travel a priority for my education as well. Defining study away and reading about the innovative programs available at various institutions has piqued my curiosity further. I hope to make travel more accessible and meaningful for a diverse group of students.
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