RTI International worked with a client to create a set of questions for medical practices to asses their readiness to offer telehealth services. I was then brought onto the project to create an interactive, digital version of the paper-based assessment.
I led the client in an iterative design process. We started with pencil sketches and then I created a high-fidelity mockup in Figma. Once the client signed off, I implemented the design with React, Redux, and SASS CSS. I worked closely with the client and telehealth subject matter experts to ensure the assessment tool was easy to navigate and provided accurate, useful information.
The prototype was finished in March 2020, just as COVID-19 drastically increased the demand for telehealth services. We were able to go from prototype to finished, deployed product in less than a day.
Start page explaining the tool and why it was created
Main menu where users can select the assessment section they would like to work on
Each of the 5 key concepts has sub-components. A user can work on sub-components in any order and see clear results for each
Question page with bar showing progress through sub-component
Results page that expands as users complete sub-components
Users can view guidance for each sub-component to improve their readiness for implementing telehealth services
Resources page for links to external sites
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