In June, 2020, I decided to learn more about the full product development lifecycle. I wanted a better understanding of the context that surrounds what I do as a product designer. I enrolled in the Product Manager Nanodegree program with Udacity and learned about product strategy, design, development, and launch.
I chose to create a mobile fitness application for a health insurance company as my nanodegree project. As I went through the course content, I created slide decks applying my new knowledge to my app concept. I created a pitch to prove the viability of the product, a prototype to demonstrate the user experience, and supporting documentation for a successful launch.
The design sprint phase was familiar to me as a designer, but now I also have a thorough understanding of what it takes to bring a product to market. I picked up new research and presentation skills that enhance my ability to design user-centered products that meet pressing needs.
Pitch deck with problem statement, market research, and roadmap
Design sprint deck with product requirement documents, sketches, and user testing
Clickable application prototype made with Adobe XD (click "sign up" to start).
Product development deck with user stories and feedback responses
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